About Us...

We are a small team of engineers based in Barcelona, Spain. We are very passionate about cloud development! Our experience in the field spans over a decade, with many successful projects under our belt developed for different industries and customers.

In 2018 we were about to start a new project, and as we looked at our roadmap, we realised that we were about to spend a long time developing infrastructural code for features we had already developed many times in the past. Frustrated with the idea and not finding any good fit in existing platforms to help us speed up the process we decided to do something about it.


Stryke Hackathon 2020

Most of our past projects were made up of the same building blocks (databases, user management, access control, authentication, APIs, etc.). We decided to develop a platform that provides those building blocks as foundations with the ability to easily build on top of them. That’s how Stryke was born!

We are very excited with how capable Stryke has turned out to be. We launched the initial version of the platform at the beginning of 2020, which is being used by our first users to build successful apps that are already in use today!

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