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Introducing: “Easy-code”!

Today we are in the middle of the low-code and no-code revolutions! Stryke takes its own approach to empowering more people and speeding up the development process.

We like to call it: “easy-code”.

We value code. Even though Stryke dramatically reduces the amount of code necessary to implement an app, we still believe that code is very powerful and if presented the right way, it is easy to understand and master. The way you write code on Stryke is simple and engaging.

Code becomes much more manageable and easy to master when written in small snippets that only contain your own business logic. It also provides more flexibility and power than logic defined through proprietary forms and wizards.

Easy-code is still code, which means that developers can use its full potential and keep using their favourite tools such version control, their own IDE, etc. On top of being able to use our own UI to define apps, you can also choose to use pure JSON and Javascript together with our API.

Stryke, with its “easy-code” approach, offers a quicker entry into the world of development for people wishing to learn. Once you learn how to develop an app on Stryke, you will have learned concepts that can be applied elsewhere and are not specific to one platform.


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