Why Stryke?

Stryke speeds up the development of cloud apps, making it easy for anyone to develop.

Stryke is a platform with all the building blocks to create applications quickly and easily and allows for apps to be shared to kickstart new projects.

The Problem

We often face problems in our daily lives that could be solved very effectively with an app. Tracking expenses or items in an inventory, managing the customers or assets of a business, activity tracking and reporting, the list goes on… Think of anything that requires data, calculations and visualisations.

Does that huge excel spreadsheet come to mind?

Unfortunately, the development of an application is often too complex, costly and time consuming. This is because traditionally, each app is treated as a brand new solution, built from the ground up. This requires development of complex, yet repeated, infrastructural parts, which is a task usually left only to professional developers.

The Solution

Stryke opens up the world of development to more people by providing a platform that is easy to work on and removes the need to start from scratch with every project.

Stryke users develop their cloud apps on top of an efficient, secure and fast platform. All infrastructural parts, such as the database, user management, authentication, APIs, application deployment, and much more, are taken care of and provided by the platform.

The development work done by users is entirely focused on solving the problem at hand. When creating an app on Stryke, the only thing you need to worry about is your own business logic.

Stryke empowers more people to develop apps thanks to its focus and simplicity.

A great consequence of solely focusing on your specific business logic is that all the concepts you deal with are familiar to you and much easier to grasp. When compared to traditional development, with Stryke not only you have a lot less things to develop, but the ones that you do, are much easier to understand.

Applications are defined through our own simple UI and business logic is implemented using simple code snippetswritten in Javascript.

All the features that come straight out of the box in Stryke are often what developers spend most of their time working on. They get re-developed across different projects, even though they provide the same functionalities.

We started Stryke to be able to focus on the business logic straight away and never spend time re-writing these features.

Stryke lets you share very easily the apps you own. With a push of a button you can export and import apps in a way in which the structure and behaviour of the app can be shared without sharing its data. This powerful feature allows users to create apps from existing implementations. This helps speeding up development further, makes learning much easier and allows users to develop different versions of their apps.

Stryke is just as suited to professional developers wanting to speed up their process.

Our extensive API gives you access to everything that you can do using the Stryke UI, and more. It allows you to create and setup apps using simple JSON constructs. The Javascript code you write to implement the logic of your app can be managed, executed and debugged, via our own Visual Studio Code extension. You can leverage our GraphQL query engine, implement 3rd party integrations (eg: Slack), and much more…

Stryke is also the perfect backend to your own custom frontend. While we do provide a ready made, easy to use UI for your app, you can choose to use Stryke as a backend only and access all of our features via the API. Check out our Glitch projects for some examples!


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