How can Stryke help You?

As individuals we often face problems in our daily lives that could be solved very effectively with an app. Tracking expenses or items in an inventory, monitoring parameters in real-time, managing the customers or assets of a business, sending notifications, activity tracking and reporting, and much more... Unfortunately, developing an app is often discarded because of the skills and knowledge that it requires.

As developers, time is often the deciding factor. If a feature rich backend for you website or mobile app, with you own objects and custom logic was only a few minutes away, more ideas would become reality. Picture the ability to define your schema quickly with a simple JSON and automatically having a backend on the cloud ready for you to query with REST or GraphQL APIs, perhaps with data imported from a spreadsheet...

Stryke Ignites Your Solutions!

Stryke simplifies and speeds up development by providing a secure, scalable and cost effective platform with all the building blocks already in place for you to start focusing on your data and logic from minute one! Everything you build is instantly up and running on the cloud.

Individuals can create an application that is ready to use without writing any code. Developers can leverage all the features of the platform to kick start their next project while still benefiting from the power and efficiency of Javascript


Your app is just a few minutes away!