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What is Stryke?

Stryke is a platform for developers, to create applications easily on the cloud. Stryke gives you all the infrastructure so that you can focus on your data and business logic, bringing applications to your users faster.

Build professional grade applications quickly and easily to solve real world problems!

Build your apps in 3 easy steps...


Create your app

Creating an app in Stryke only takes one click. Once your app is created, everything is ready for you to start defining your data and business logic. Stryke allows you to login and use your app from the moment in which it is created.


Define Your Objects

Represent your data model using objects. Objects are the cornerstone of your application and are defined and configured via familiar JSON.


Write Your Business Logic

Implement your business logic in the form of JS scripts. Scripts have full access to your application via Stryke’s own library. Use scripts to validate, augment or modify data, create endpoints that can be called by clients, give functionality to custom buttons in your app, create reports, integrate with 3rd parties, and much more...

"Never write another line of infrastructure or boilerplate code! Just focus on your business logic and let Stryke take care of the rest."

JSON makes the world go around.





Stryke empowers more people to develop. All the complexity of setting up databases, security layers, user management, and all aspects that are implicit with putting together the fundations of an app is taken away.

All you need to know to develop and deploy a fully functional app to your users is JSON and basic Javascript. Define objects, put together powerful queries, generate reports, and much more all through the power and simplicity of JSON. Enhance your app by using plain Javascript to define your business logic, validations, automation, integrations, and more...

A development platform for cloud apps.


Simple & Powerful

Stryke allows you to create production grade, scalable apps in minutes. Use the UI Stryke generates for your app automatically to allow your end users to start using the app straight away. Alternatively, build your own user interface and use Stryke as a backend via its powerful RESTful and GraphQL APIs. The choice is yours!


Idea to App in Minutes

Once your app is created, everything is ready for you to start adding your data and defining your business logic. Straight out of the box, Stryke will give you: a login for your users, a beautiful and easy to use UI for your application, persistence for the data you define, RESTFul and GraphQL APIs, access control, scripting, file storage, the list goes on!


Develop Locally, Run in the Cloud

Quickly review and edit your scripts from Stryke's own web interface. Alternatively, develop your code locally using Visual Studio Code© and instantly deploy it and execute it in the cloud to check results and see logs. Easily mock data to test your functionality while developing locally.

Easy development with powerful features.

Web UI
Mobile UI
User Management
Access Control
3rd Party Integrations
Files Storage
Custom Query Engine
Local Development
App Distribution

Start building your first app today!

When you first log in to Stryke you will find a playground app to play with and see how things are put together. The playground app also gives you an immediate way to see how an app looks like to end users.

Check our documentation for more details on how to take your app to the next level!

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